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“I want a to be a girl. I want an operation to be a girl, at end of this year. I think, to be a girl, it made my feelings so, like happy, and my life better. I have to plan for the costs. Next year I want to [get surgery] in Thailand.

I want to be a girl because when I look at the ladies outside they have dresses, they look nice and beautiful. It made me think oh I can be like that, I can be like a beautiful girl. It costs, but now I’ve got a job as a nail technician. I’m working here. 

I was born in Cambodia and lived in the Phnom Penh City. The first time my parents knew, especially my dad, he didn’t want me to become a girl, he wasn’t happy with me. He really came at me; why do you want to be a girl? Why do you want to get this operation? Don’t you know it’s very hard? Lots of questions to me. It was really hard for me to give an answer to my dad, but I told him, ever since I was younger I wanted to be a girl and I just really want my family to support me.

I asked my friend in Thailand the same questions because they’ve already had their operation. The specialist doctor recommended 1-2 years of hormone medication before the operation in order for a man to become a woman. I’ve been taking medication from my doctor for four months now, it’s made my figure look more like a girl, my body, my hands and my boobs. I look like me now.

I want to be a nail technician in Auckland, I’m a good nail technician. I want to take someone on the job like a nail technician or a hairdresser.”

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