Corey | Whangaparoa

“I have fun every day. I just try and make the most of every day, as it comes. Whenever I wake up I just take it as a new start, start fresh, take the day as it goes.

I just work in retail at Platypus, and then every other day I’m at uni. Recently last year I was in a down period in my life, and I thought of booking a trip for myself. So I went and paid for tickets to go to America, and told a few friends about it, and they’re coming with me. So we’re going in a few trips, so it should be good fun, you know, open my perspectives on the world, to get out there.

I grew up in Whangaparoa, so around here. I value my friends and my family probably the most. I like to feel safe, like at home. Love having people around me that I know and that I’m comfortable with. But I thought I’d put myself out of my comfort zone, you know, so I can get some new experiences in life, and change the perspective I have on things at the moment, so I can see the bigger picture, because there’s a lot more out there than New Zealand.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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