Cameron | Pukekohe.

“I last felt inspired, actually reading a book I got here from the library called, The Name of the Wind, and some of the characters, a main protagonist, were pretty amazing, it really inspired me.

As a young adult it can sometimes feel like I’m not achieving enough, and I guess it’s just an idea, or something I can look at, and look at the achievements of the character in this book and think, I want to do things like that – maybe not necessarily exactly, but I want to achieve something.

Something I want to do is to speak to future students in high school about taking a gap year off. This is especially something that in the States it’s, you really go to college, the military, or the workforce, and not many people go out and travel. Having done it myself, which I’m very happy I did, is something I really believe would be good for other students, especially looking at some of my friends who seem to be having trouble in college right now, feeling as if they picked the wrong major, or if they feel like they’re just wasting their time there.  So, it opens up a lot of areas and paths for someone, and yeah it’s pretty amazing. So I’d like to spread awareness.”

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