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I guess it’s a real tragedy and loss for those that are family to them.

In the community here, it’s totally different from that, heart goes out to all those people that died.

I think for myself to do good in the community would be, I guess do a garden or something to, for them to be remembered by. Just in the community here, I guess poverty is a bit of a biggie here.

I was born in Pukekohe, moved around a lot. At the moment I’m struggling, but I accept where I am at right now. That’s about all I’ve got to say right now because there’s so much on my plate.

I guess no, (having) no house just to live in at the moment. It’s not as hard as, the people that have, have died down in Christchurch, but I guess we all have bumps in our journey. Yeah, we overcome them, and accept it, and move forward, yeah.

Yeah, Bismillah to the Muslim religion. Yeah, which means God, praying to the lord.”

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