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“Interestingly enough I work from home, running my own business or trying to get my own business started up off the ground. Being at home while the family’s out at work and day care, there’s not a lot of people to talk to, so it can get quite, lonely.

As a way of trying to keep distracted really is realising, having come from an office where I used to be before and having that noise and people around and being able to talk to – that doesn’t exist anymore. So something I’m trying to actively do is get out as much as possible, and not just be locked away in my office at home – to use other places around. Like cafes, the the mall with the food court, just to sit there and get that noise of other people, the hustle and bustle around me and not feel isolated and locked in an office and start to go slightly mad that way.

I’ve also joined up with the Toastmasters group recently, again as a way to just get out and have professional high grade conversations with people. I sail on the weekends, every other weekend and just try and arrange coffee catch-ups with former colleagues, friends and the like as well. So again, just forcing me to get out of the house, but also having those coffee catch-ups is a way to distract myself from thinking about work all the time as well because I find that if I’m focussing too much on building that business that I’m trying to build I can get quite far down a rabbit hole of where are the customers coming from, who are the customers, where are they, what are they doing? So, having that distraction of meeting people and going sailing and just having a coffee with a friend is a good way to remember there’s a real world out there as well.

If I think back to when I was growing up, I’m originally from Wellington, from a small town just out of Wellington, called Upper Hutt. There were a lot of families that grew up around each other. There was a lot of time shared across. You come into Auckland and you’ve got 1.5 million people. A lot of migrants coming in. Not just from out of the country, but from across the country as well, having moved here from Wellington. So it’s trying to build those community groups around you where you may not have had them before and trying to find people with similar interests, who actually could be living half an hour drive away or even further.

I’m an IT consultant looking to build out strategy IT road-maps.”

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