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It’s probably about a year ago when I was, yeah it’s probably about a year ago, just walking along the street, and then a man just approached me on a bike.

It doesn’t usually happen, where someone just approaches me, and you know says, how is my day going, and just have a normal conversation like he already knew me. It’s what I kind of found quite, quite cool. So, we connected in that way. He was speaking to me like he already knew me although I just met him.

I think connecting with people is important just to, you know, it’s good to know that you’re not alone out there in the world. How would you say it? I guess it gives you a better sense of the world around you when you meet people, you know, from afar and that. For me, personally, no because I’m quite a private person, so I kind of don’t really, I wouldn’t myself go up to somebody and just start talking to them out of the blue. I don’t know why, it’s just something, I would say hello, and smile at a person, but I wouldn’t converse with them, like how I am with you right now, but I think it’s great. It’s a good way of making friends and getting an understanding of other people’s experiences in life, I think.

Well, growing up in South Auckland, life is pretty cool I have to say. Every day is different. I like the people. What else can I say, a bit about myself, yes, actually, I’m actually a new mum. I, I had my son just over a year ago, so he’s almost two now. Having a baby kind of does change your life dramatically in ways you couldn’t imagine. But it’s great. I’m quite happy with where I am at my life at the moment.

Yeah, so being a new mum, well the first few months I have to be honest and say that I was quite shy, so I didn’t really go out with my baby much. Then I started going to mum clubs and the library where they have free events for, for kids and that and meeting people, a lot of people there. Just learning, I guess. Just the whole learning part of things, because there are a lot of things I didn’t know in terms of being a mum and being a parent. Finding out other ways of how you can do things in life as well, is always good when you don’t feel like you have that kind of support. With me being a private person and that I, I wouldn’t really go out there and ask for help, but if someone was just to be out there and you know, openly promoting things like that, then I’d go and, yeah that’s how I would connect, I suppose, go and learn, if that makes sense.”

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