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Have a shower in peace. Yeah, and breakfast by myself.

So I’m a mother of four. I have two girls and two boys. I have a baby who is three months old. My life is pretty much about my kids. Everything for my kids, my family, my mum. Yeah every morning is waking up with my kids. So feeding them. It’s a pretty noisy house. Pretty busy mum. Yeah, no dad’s in the picture, so a single mum by myself, looking after the kids. My family and my kids are pretty much more important to me than anything else.

I don’t have, well I know I have support, but I don’t think I need it. I’m not being mean or anything but my kids are okay, pretty okay, I can do them by myself. I’ve had a lot of support from my nana. So without my nana I won’t have any support at all. So my nana brought me up since I was a baby. So she’s brought a few of us up, a few cousins, but I’m still there with her, to help her. She helps me a lot. She’s always there for me, my kids, for my cousins. She’s the queen of our family.

Yeah, just want to thank my nana for helping me out, for helping my kids out, for being there for me and my family, for always being supportive no matter how much of a headache I am to you. I will always love you and be there for you. Thank you.

So I grew up here in Māngere, life was alright. Māngere is basically home, always going to be home. I had both my grandparents, my nana and my granddad to bring, bring me up. Helping my mum, taking me off my mum so they could bring me up.

We started doing paper-runs to earn our own money, and then as we got a bit older I got sent away for being a bit naughty in college here, so I suggest you don’t be naughty so you don’t get sent to the islands. Yeah that’s about it.”

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