Alyssa | Ōtāhuhu

“I love to help out my community wherever I can. I love helping the homeless people, offering money, food for them, making sure that they’re eating.

I’ve always been a bad girl all my life, doing drugs and alcohol, which I gave up for my child when I gave birth to her seven years ago. I love to help others where they’re feeling down, when they’re down and out, if they feel like they’re wanting to commit suicide.

They come to me and talk to me about how they’re feeling. I’ve always been like this all my life. While my grandparents were still alive, my dad’s parents, they spoke to me when I was little and they said that, if someone is down and out, just talk to them, listen to them, don’t judge a book by its cover, and understand where they’re coming from, and I just give them my own advice.

I was born and raised in Māngere, and now I’m living in Ōtāhuhu. My family is from Oromāhoe up North. I value my family, my siblings, my daughter, and my community. I’m a solo mum. I have a seven year old daughter. She’s my only child”


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