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About a year back, I was returning home from a dinner.

I had to be home early, because I had uni the next day, and I was waiting at the bus stop, and this girl, who was standing right next to me, she was sobbing a lot and I gave her space for a while, and then I just, just something in me asked me to, I mean, told me to ask her if she was okay, and she just, it was like floodgates opened, and she was telling me about how she got fired from her job, and she was a student, and she was just worried about her future. So, that was nice, and then we met up for like, coffee and movie, a couple of days after.

I was born and mostly grew up in Madras, India, as an only child. I did an undergraduate degree in Zoology. When I was 21 I was looking for a uni that would support career growth in my chosen field and couldn’t find anything in India. I looked into NZ and the UK, and decided on New Zealand and moved in 2015. I am now doing my PHD in Environmental Conservationist Management, which is a testament to the support I have received here, and the encouragement to explore my interests.

My goals for the future would be to continue working for a university and teaching while expanding my research. I am also interested in maybe moving into government or an NGO to work on environmental policy.”


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