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“Well, I woke up this morning with a rainy cloud over my head, and I thought this was the day that I’m going to make a change. So I decided to come to the Manukau Library, which is our Pukekohe library here, and jump on the internet and make use of it.

I’ve been brought up in Pukekohe. I was born here. Oh, not born here sorry; I was born in South Auckland and moved here in ’86. I lived here for my young schooling years, and then I moved to Tauranga for my intermediate years through to secondary schooling, and learned a lot about life while being in the Bay of Plenty through those year while I was there. I gained a lot of knowledge, came back to Pukekohe and seeing the changes that have happened since I’ve been away. As far as life is concerned, well yeah life is short. You want to make most of what time you do have. Not many people think about it, but for me, I kind of look at it in that sense, now.

Well, currently I’m working for the Government, which people call the unemployment. I’m a job-seeker. It’s not a place I want to be, but my experiences that I’ve had and throughout my past life, apparently there’s no sort of jobs in Pukekohe, so I sort of have to venture out and use the public transport as a means of getting through to and from workplaces. It’s not something I’m that keen to do, considering how far we are out from the Auckland region, but it’s some things we have to do.

Basically the day, just seeing that sun up there with no clouds in there, yeah that was a good reason to just move and just do it. I live like half an hour walk from here. Sometimes you just, you have that moment you just go; don’t let anything hold you back, and just move.

Mine is just to be able to basically just that life is actually good, compared to everybody else. You walk past every morning and every day, meet somebody different and you just say hello or good morning. It’s those sort of little things that people sometimes take for granted, but at the same time it’s, when you do those little things, positivity out of you can come.”

What, if anything, have you done differently after visiting this site?

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