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I usually think of a stress as a positive, not so, I’m not sure what you exactly mean about stress.

What I feel about stress, every morning that I wake up, I think about my daily schedule. So I try to provoke myself, to push myself, to stress myself a little bit. So in my world it’s a positive stress, but if you mean a negative one, doesn’t come to me a lot.

Yeah, every day morning I have positive stress. The last negative stress, I think it was the time I was going to go to Auckland. I had to prepare myself for a long trip, because I came from Middle East, so it was a long trip, the longest flight ever. It was almost 20 hours, so I had to prepare everything at the time, and couldn’t be late. It was quite stressful. It was the last time I had a stress.

So the reason I do that kind of positive stress, maybe I’m the first person who mentions this, because I’ve been doing my own business for a long time, 15 years. I had my own business, trading in the Middle East, in Dubai. So, whoever does business, whoever works in business, they need to be a dynamic competitor, a real freelancer. They need to avoid themselves from being bored.

The positive stress is the thing that helps avoid those negative things in my life. So it’s kind of motivation, motivated force that helps me to achieve my goals, objectives.

You kind of assume the stress as a positive force as well, as a motivational force as well. So it depends to the person, depends to your ego, how you face and try to overcome life’s difficulties. Sometimes you can see the difficulties as a positive first. It’s like exercising, you know? The starting of exercise is very, it needs strife. It makes you tired, but after 20 – 30 minutes you feel very good.

I was raised in Middle East, and I studied biomedical engineering. I was playing volleyball, hanging out with friends, enjoying my life, until I grew up and I decided to go to Auckland to continue my study.

The main reason is that I got scholarships to study here. I heard about the people, the climate here, such friendly people, very good climate. It has a lot of alternation but to me it’s perfect. It’s lovely weather, and the people, the native people in New Zealand I think are awesome. I have been to many countries before I got to New Zealand as well. I just travelled, 17-18 countries, I travelled and I enjoyed being with the different cultures, but I found here the best place, and it’s the same as I heard about it, before I came over.



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