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“In junior high school, I was lucky to have a very good tutor, and she taught me that if you want a good future you need to study well so that you can go to another good high school. Yeah, that’s a really good moment from my tutor. I was studying really hard, and didn’t really sleep well and eat well, but I was lucky to have some good friends at that moment. Yeah, at that time they were with me, and inspired me.

I’m studying hairdressing, and I will graduate in a month. I think my living here is quite peaceful, and not too competitive, but we have fashion week this month and I didn’t get picked compared to other students. I think that’s quite a competitive area, like the environment for me in New Zealand so far.

On positively solving a problem…

I didn’t get picked in the trial yesterday for fashion week, and I was really not in the mood, and my friend told me that it’s alright you didn’t get picked, because you will get another chance, you just need to learn from it, and he told me so many things that I feel really positive about it.

He told me that there’s some people that might get into fashion week, but after that they might really think, I will just stop there. Some people will just go down at some point, but you are just not giving up and still going to do something that you like.

On Gender…

I would say people expect females to be gentle. So you can’t really be angry in a public place, because you are female. I can’t really dye my hair blue in China, because people will say I’m not a good student, and it’s quite free here, and not only physically but mentally free. You can’t really say what you truly think about things around people.

It’s not because I dress pretty and the hair dye, not only because of this; because I want to make myself good, and if in China people will judge you because you look pretty, but they say in another tone that you might feel not really well, and here people are quite genuine about on thoughts about your dress. Yeah, they’re not really judgemental. I think it is really important. We’re human beings. We can’t really be tight in that kind of area. We need to express our selves, and have our own special thing.”

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