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“Have fun? Oh, maybe a few years ago…

Not a lot, like I do nowadays, but nothing really fun, like it just doesn’t seem fun anymore for me, doing things I used to do, and I don’t really get a lot of things that I like to do anymore. Spending time with some good friends, maybe visiting family back in the islands, going on a trip, like holidays. It would help. It’s difficult finding things to do, like anything that will really be fun. I used to think fun was like drinking and spending time with friends, but I’m thinking, it’s not really as fun as I used to think it was.

I’m originally from the islands, Niue. I grew up in the islands, like went to school in the islands, and for me it was a really good experience. There was a lot of freedom just running around with other kids, playing in the trees. Stuff was pretty normal back in the islands, because there’s a lot of trees, and it was fun going swimming. I reckon my childhood was pretty good, like it was really, yeah it was pretty good, care-free, fun. I reckon the thing I value the most is family. There’s people, like friends, people that are close to me and, being there for each other, and just spending time, just helping them out with whatever they need help with, having this sort of closeness.

If you’re not having fun then it’s like you’re not really enjoying your life. You’re not really living, and people just need to be a lot more chilled back and not be so serious because it would just cause a lot of stress. When you’re having fun you seem to be more laid-back, not really stressing about little issues. If you’re not having fun you might be too stressed out, uptight and take things too seriously. I think it’s not good to be so serious sometimes. There are things that do matter to be serious about. Serious all the time, not really having a good time? In my opinion it’s not really good, but I think I’m just getting old, you know, bills and hardly having any money to do stuff. Basically, just stressed out, paying bills and trying to take care of myself, my kids, my family and it just feels like there’s nothing fun to do anymore….far out.”

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