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Last night I went to church and we had no money, and they had nachos for $4, and someone was really kind, and they bought us some nachos and we didn’t have to pay.

We were really hungry, so that was really kind of them.

It was the first time there at church. First time there and we had no money, so we were pretty hungry, so we were grateful to get something to eat. Just me and my friend, yeah.

Something really kind I did for someone else, is I lent some money. I think we need to have more kindness, because Jesus was kind to us, gave His life for us. So, I think was pretty kind of him.

I grew up in South Auckland over here, and I was a street kid. I used to sniff glue, and life was pretty tough, yeah. Lots of fights and lots of this and that. Pretty rough, pretty rough place. Friends helped to get through it. Friends and family and yeah, well bit by bit you get through it. My hope is to find a job, support my family, yeah.

One of the things, I was welcomed onto the marae, and yeah, we don’t judge people on the marae, so once we’re on the marae we’re all family and, and I think that’s pretty kind, a feed and kai, and then yeah.

Yeah, I think it’s what it’s all about, eh? Kaitiaki, whanaungatanga, whānau, manaakitanga, yeah it’s all about kindness and community and just being there for your brother.”


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