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When I took the Myers Briggs test, I’m about 92 per cent introverted.

A lot of people don’t quite understand that because I’m in community work, but actually I get really anxious when I have to communicate with people, and I’m talking like texting, calling… I have to do a little pep talk in my head to be able to do those things.

I can easily withdraw sometimes in social settings, and in groups I have real trouble communicating and being able to balance that. Some people people ask me… like, what’s wrong with you? But I’m like, actually it’s because I’m an introvert, I sometimes need alone time. I sometimes need to recharge, and sometimes I feel really uncomfortable in situations and so I’ll be silent.

I think yeah as a community worker most people think oh she must like a social extrovert. But, actually I’m not really, and I’m deeply introverted and very proud of it, because even though my mind goes a million miles an hour and I’m thinking of a million, you know I have a million tabs open in my brain, I think that’s what makes me special and magical. So, yeah I am an introvert, and proud, and I guess I’m also a Highly Sensitive Person, too and I’m proud to be that. Yeah.”

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