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I do experience kindness from people just walking around. Well even a young person, let me get on the bus first, yeah.

I know there’s been so many kind things, and I’ve done so many kind things, but I just can’t think of an example.

I suppose, I was stuck on the rocks, and two young girls helped to cross. There was a cave and the water was high and, and we had to wait until the water had gone down, but they just kind of helped me to wade through the water. I thought that was very kind of them; otherwise I would have been stuck there for a little while longer.

I think another thing I’ve experienced a lot is sometimes if I don’t have an umbrella, often people will walk up to me and, and share their umbrella, and that’s happened quite a bit to me. That’s nice.

Oh, well the other day I found someone’s purse and some keys, they’d left them on the computer I was on. They’d left them, so I gave them to them. I said, are these yours? Rather than just taking them, so that was a kind thing.

It is really important, and it does happen all the time. You know? It’s really often that I experience acts of kindness. Even yesterday, I guess; the bus driver, my card wasn’t topping up, and he only charged me $2 for the ride, which is kind of nice.

I just think it makes the day go better when people can be a little kind to people. I think that’s a good example of the bus driver, because clearly it was just that my card, actually my credit card had expired. So, that’s why it wasn’t taking its automatic top-up. So, it was just nice, because some bus drivers, they might charge as a full fare, and it’s kind of just nice when someone can just be a little bit understanding. Makes the day go by nicer.

I think the thing I valued the most is equality, people being treated equally. I just think it’s important that all groups in society have equal opportunities.”


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