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“I’m from New Zealand. I was born here, in Middlemore, but I was raised in Tonga, stayed in Tonga for about 10 years, and right now I’m doing a course, just across the road at ATC. It’s a military prep school, and what I’m hoping to do in the future is try get into the Navy – make my parents proud.

I call Tonga my home. The last time I felt connected to my culture was last year – beginning of last year, at an event called Polyfest. That was basically the last time I did something for my culture – for Tonga; I did a performance.

I haven’t had a heart to heart relationship with someone for a long time. I think the last one was in 2007, just before I lost my grandma, and that’s about it, yeah. I grew up in Tonga with her. Um, yeah didn’t really – yeah, didn’t get to go to her funeral. So I missed out. She was a really great woman. I used to always enjoy going to her because she would always spoil me, feed me like a lot of chocolate and stuff – lollies. Yeah, but I was pretty sad, because I didn’t get to go to her funeral, and yeah that’s about it. She was cool.

I reckon it’s important to have a heart to heart conversation, just in case you’re dealing with something, like problems from the past. It’s good to have it because you can connect with them, and tell them what you feel, and yeah let everything out.

It just depends on what situation you’re in, and for those who are like, scared to let everyone know, or let your family know, or your close mates know what you’re up to, I reckon it’s the best time to let them know, because they can help you with the situation that you’re in. Yeah, because um, I’ve been through heaps.

I’ve heard some stories that yeah, some don’t – some really don’t let their family know what’s happening with them, and then they end up – you know, don’t want to say anything, but yeah.”


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