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“I think that would be my mother, Eileen. She’s a really nice person and she always is really intelligent to be with, and I always enjoy her company. My mother has influenced me because her kind nature, and her ability to listen is conducive to my musical activities.

I grew up in New Windsor and I had a good education. I got a degree with honours in music. I’m a clarinet player, but I also like to diversify and do other instruments like the piano, which I’m enjoying. I find the piano music really enjoyable and an enjoyable experience. What makes me tick is enjoying the company of other people, and facing up to challenges and I also enjoy things like art and writing, because they’re creative.

Yes, I think it’s important that everyone are equal in life, and that everyone in the world has a right to a warm, happy life. I think women have a lot of wisdom and women in leadership positions tend to be reliable for people, regardless of whether they’re rich or poor for example. I enjoyed the women from my orchestras; they’re always talented musicians, which puts you into meeting of challenges, like when they produce fine pitching, it’s enjoyable to tune in with them. I remember growing up with my mum always being kind and friendly to be with, and which was an ideal environment to practice your clarinet with.”

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