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“I’m a proud of everything, because I have been blessed by a lot. I’ve got everything.

I’ve got good health, good mind, good memory. So I’m proud of everything, and every day I’m proud of it. I came from India, from Mumbai. I have a small business in Mumbai. I’m a writer and publisher of a gratitude journal. My company name is I came here to visit my son. He stays in Auckland.

A few years back, I think on 29 May, I went to the Orakei school to pick up my granddaughter. At 3:30 I picked her up, and I saw a lot of girls in the traffic It was very heavy traffic. I went home and I dropped off my granddaughter. There were a lot of boys and girls that came back again, and I saw one lady, she was struggling to manage the traffic. There was a heavy rush, choas.

So I went and I help[ed] her. We were helping each other for an hour and a half to clear the traffic. Anyway, it was my duty as a good citizen and I enjoy that. It was the scene of an accident somewhere in Takapuna, and the Police closed roads, because of a serious injury. So that was why there was a lot of chaos and a traffic jam in that particular area.

We managed Frances Road. That lady was very supporting, and we managed that road for one and a half hours, and we cleared the traffic. We had to help. As a good citizen we are to always help each other, and I find one thing in Auckland people are very warm, very friendly, very cooperative; beautiful people, beautiful city, beautiful country. I love it. It’s very lovely. It’s so warm.

We can do it better for the older people, which we always find alone, and they are away from their family, and they stay alone in an old house. I think they need a lot of help.

Yeah, well I’m happy. I’m proud of it; that I’ve done something; a small thing. It’s very small [what] I have done. It is nothing, I’m honestly telling you it was a very small act. As a citizen I am supposed to do it, and I’ve done it. There is nothing great about it, sir. I don’t know. It’s a very small thing. It’s not that important. It’s a small thing, but it’s all about the small things.”

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