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When I was over in Melbourne, my girlfriend at the time, she used to go to these, I guess you’d call them parties, and they would listen to music from Psy-Trance, which is oddball.

I wouldn’t have expected people to have heard of it. It’s not something I had listened to before, but kind of with her, I got into that a lot, and it’s pretty crazy time.

Probably sound like alien music for outside you know?  It’s like psychedelic, I guess, like the name implies. There’s just kind of a lot of noises, and it’s usually quite fast, and a lot of sub-genres so it can be quite slow as well. I guess people usually listen to it at kind of parties in that scene, but there are people who just like to chill and listen to it anyway.

I mean, there are groups, and you do recognise people. I probably wasn’t into it enough to be part of a group, I’d say. I guess they were kind of hippies in a way, you know, but just all kinds of a crazy like Burning Man or something like that. That’s the kind of, I guess atmosphere which you get just all the time.

I don’t feel like I’m a particularly surprising person, to be honest. I worked until kind of later in life, skipping out in school for a while because I didn’t do that well in high school. Then I went back, and got into university, when I was a bit older, graduated there, and now I’m a software developer and I make software. I’ve actually just moved back to Auckland from Melbourne, and now I’m living in Beach Haven, so just down the road from where we are right now. It’s pretty tough.

I was born in Long Bay, back when it was quite different than it is now. It was quite a small town back then. So it was quite nice just having, I guess the peaceful suburb. Used to go the beach every day and stuff, which was really cool, lots of bush around.

What I value now in life is just kind of having fun, having a good time, trying not to plan too far ahead. I’ve had a few plans that didn’t work out, so now I just kind of look down and just, kind of in the moment, and enjoy it as it comes.”


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