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Yes, when you say kindness, it’s going to the rest homes, talking to the old people who are lonely, and trying to share my experience about looking after my parents.

Also give them, some of the people in the rest home, something to do, just to cheer them up, and to make them feel they can be active too. You have to give them resources, and I think that is sort of sharing kindness to people.

I also go to some rest homes, because my mother and my father, they went to rest homes, and also I have also some good friend who are in the rest homes, try to visit them, and understand about what’s life like inside rest homes. At the moment we’re talking about it, because living in the rest homes is really very lonely, because many of them are just living in the rest homes, nothing to do. Many of them have missed visits coming from their families who are far away from them, some of them overseas, and some of their relations have no contact with them. Especially everything is now all computerised and all emails, and I feel sorry for those people who don’t know and understand about how to use technology.

I’m a member of the Grey Power, who are involved with the old people. I think this is a time for us now to talk about old people, retirement housing, and wellbeing of these old people. I think that’s why I’m passionate of helping these old people to, to tell them that they have voice, because many of them, they have no voice. They keep it in themselves and, and we people who understand their needs, I think we have to start talking about it and have a conversation. Not only with the old people, but members of the family. Could be young ones and talk about what’s happening with our old people, because one day they’re going to be old, and making sure they can understand.

I think this a problem we have at the moment; just that connection between communications between the old and the young, and I think many of the 40s or 50s now, they don’t have savings. They don’t have homes, and people in their 50s, it’s hard for them to find a job.

Small things make a big difference. I’ve been in New Zealand for more than 38 years, and I’ve been in real estate for 27 years. So, I know the facts about what’s happening with our housing, and also I’ve come to understand about different people, different age groups, and also people of different races, and I think this is one way I can share my experience in New Zealand.

I came here when I was young, and then now I’m retiring here in Auckland, and I just wanted to share my experience to those people, you know how they can become successful in life, and not giving up. Some of them are living independently, they just wanted to talk to someone.

It is really important; kindness can be shown in a small way, but it can make a big difference. Even to say hi to someone who is living on the street, and talk to them just even for a short while, or maybe giving them some little things. I think that’s sort of showing kindness to people, talking with them, giving them a smile. Think about it that they are also a member of our community, where they should not be neglected.”


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