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In terms kindness, I got a recent experience when I took my little one to the play group, which I met some other local parents from the community.

We only speak Chinese at home, so he can’t understand English at all. So, he played with other kids, you know, just some kind of language barrier, but they, the parents from the local community, they’re really helpful. They will try to communicate with body language, and help him to play with the other kids, and it’s really kind. It’s a really good experience for me.

I came to New Zealand three years ago in early 2015, first doing my masters in Massey University, and then got a resident here. It was a big decision for our family to move to New Zealand, all the way from China, and the most important reason is because we want a better environment for our children.

Okay, so I think in my life I value the harmony and family, and the relationship between the parents and the children, which is really important for me, and that’s why we settled here. Think it’s really good, a very good community with the diversity and just a lot of beautiful things for the family to share.

Yes, I think kindness is a very good attribute of the community, or the whole society. It’s really important, because society is about people, and about a relationship between different people; no matter what, where they came from, no matter what their colour is. So, kindness is like a bridge or connection, just bringing all people together so that they can join together. They can share it in life. They can share the joyness of their life. So, it is, it’s like the most important thing for me.”


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