Matthew | Māngere Bridge

“Probably better decisions, just being more thoughtful in my decision-making and not being too stagnant I guess. Just having a vision, and going for it, I think that would be the biggest thing for me.

Yeah, well I think it’s a little bit of both, I guess work had me thinking a little bit about it, and then also just sick of standing, or staying in the same place I guess. I think that’s one of the big steps for me in terms of just trying to progress decision-making process and making the right choices. But I think just work and I guess family as well, really pushed that message to me.

Yeah, my family mean everything to me, and I pretty much do what I do for them. It’s in my decision-making I guess I’m always keeping them in mind, and what they want for me, what’s the best for me. But then also, I guess having trust in myself. My family is a big thing for me in terms of motivation as well, to keep striving for better.

I’m at Lion at the moment, but I guess I’m not really enjoying it, I don’t think it’s for me. I guess I want to try and get into a trade or something like that, start my apprenticeship, that’s my goal, but then also trying to pursue music. I’ve had that passion for a little while, but I’ve always kind of shied off to do it and not pursuing it. So that’s I one of the main things that’s pushing me, I’m at a point in my life now where I I have to do it now. There’s like no time, you know? So I guess those are my ambitions, is just those two things, my career and then I guess my hobbies and trying to pursue them to the best of my abilities.”

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