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I like music quite a bit. I sort of teach myself, piano and keyboard at the moment, and I know guitar, and I try and compose on, on my off-time, you know?  

I record stuff in my bedroom. Pretty lo-fi stuff, but I enjoy it. It’s kind of just a sort of fun hobby. I guess just like the creativity of it, it’s sort of so open. It’s kind of like its own language, I guess.

You can kind of just mess around with it and I find it’s cool to just sort of shut out the world and just jam and you know – there are sort of no rules. There’s no pressure I guess when you’re sort of in that space.

I guess because it’s something that I don’t really talk about that often with other people. A lot of my interests I guess I only share with people similarly. So, if they, if I don’t start on that conversation, they just wouldn’t know it. Because there’s just so many different things that people are into. So you just find one or two things you have in common with people. So that sort of stuff kind of gets put by the wayside, I guess.

I grew up here; I’ve been sort of born and bred in Beach Haven. I went to school around here, and I guess kind of what I value most is, knowledge I would say. Sort of just learning all the time. That’s what I want to do, just continue to learn about the world around me, and different things from different people, all different opinions and ideas. That’s what I think what I value the most.

At the moment I’m a uni student, and I’m actually just about to start doing my masters, in media studies, and that’s out of Auckland Uni.”

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