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Last experience was probably yesterday. I asked my son that his older brother needed to get graduation clothes, and because I don’t drive, and we were sitting on a bus together I said, did he have enough time to take us both to the graduation shop. He took us in kind of peak hour traffic, and he did very well and he brought us home.

So, that saved us a lot of time, either waiting for my husband to get home from work, or catching a bus there. So, my son was very kind.

About 15 years ago, I suddenly had epilepsy, and had turns, and I used to have them probably every month. I’ve been trying a lot of medication, and it didn’t work, but I’ve had turns on the bus. I’ve had turns in a bank, and fallen over, and I’ve had people that care for me, and have rung ambulances for me, and I’ve had a family that have looked after me, and friends also.

So, I had an operation two years ago, and was able to not have turns. In the middle of that I got a job while I still had epilepsy, and my boss and the people I work with have always been caring in looking after me if I’ve had a turn or something. They’ve always rung my husband and he’s picked me up and taken me home. So, I’ve had very caring people around me, even people I don’t know.

I think it’s very important (kindness). I know that I have spent years of, actually being sick, and if I hadn’t had kindness and people caring, I probably wouldn’t have coped as well. So, I think kindness is a need that we all have, and if we all give and take, I think we’d live in a better world.

I’ve got four boys, and I think they have learned, that they need to be kind, and people are kind to them. It’s all about giving and, and taking. If you don’t give enough I think you can’t take a lot, because you, aren’t that kind of person, or something like that. I think as a family, we’re all fairly much prepared to, to give to other people, and to each other.

I grew up in Blockhouse Bay, and I think it is important to be kind of people. I am a Christian, and I believe that, the God I believe in is a kind and loving God, and I believe that’s how we should be.”

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