Maisie | Sheffield, UK

I think I’m a lot more friendly than people realise. I think sometimes I can come off as quite shy, but I’m probably more confident than people might think at first glance.

Maybe it’s more effort to try and hang out with a shy person, or try and bring them out of their shell, and so people kind of label it and maybe use it as an excuse not to put an effort into developing a relationship.

I guess with strangers or people I don’t know, I sometimes find it difficult to make conversation or feel comfortable, and so I’m probably more reserved, and more likely to just spend time by myself, but actually when I get to know somebody, I become a lot more outgoing and loud.

I grew up in a city called Sheffield in the UK, it’s in the North. I’m currently on a gap year because I go to university in September, but thought I’d come and do some travelling beforehand.

My granddad actually lives here in New Zealand. He lives in Tauranga, so I’m here to visit him, and I’m just going to travel around while I’m here. Family is really important to me. Like I said, I’m here visiting my granddad. I think it’s really important to be kind to people, to everybody, whoever they are.”

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