Kate | Devonport

“One thing I’d like to change about myself this year is to be more assertive in my decisions. I say yes quite a lot, and I need to say no more.

I grew up in Auckland my whole life, in Devonport, been living in Bermuda for the last two years, and my family is very important, because we move a lot. I love my family, and staying active and healthy.

Well I recently said no to quite a big commitment of mine, and I didn’t want to do two things half-heartedly, and so I’ve put one on hold to focus purely on one, which I think was a big decision. I’m excited about it, yeah.

I’m quite into my sailing, and so I put that on hold to study more at uni this year. So I’m excited about that. This year I’m studying biomed in the hope to get into medicine.

I’ve travelled a lot with my sailing and with my father’s career. He was with the America’s cup in Bermuda, and so I’ve lived in some pretty cool places; Spain and Bermuda and the States and things. So, it’s amazing to meet that many people and experience such different kind of cultures and lives for that amount of time, but I definitely love being home in Auckland.

Don’t be afraid to say no. I mean it does feel like you’re shutting down options at the time, but I think now that it’s made, I always knew that my gut choice was to follow my uni stuff. I think it’s just a relief to have made the decision and be moving on I guess.

My family’s big into sailing, so I think it’ll always be a big part of my life.”

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