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“One of the main things I really want to change for my life is my appearance. I want to lose weight. Yeah that’s the main thing at the moment, and try live healthy spiritually and physically.

I was born in and raised in Niue and I think one of the main or the most important thing for me is my belief in God. I was born in Niue but I came to New Zealand when I was about one, maybe three, and then I went back when I was nine. I learned the English language here, and then when I went back I learned how to live, how to look after myself in Niue.

I’ve completed a Bachelor in Theology at Laidlaw College, that was a year or so ago. I’d worked for the Government of Niue for 20 years as an environmental education officer at the Department of Environment, the Government of Niue.

At the moment I’ve got a family. I’ve got five children; two step-children, one grandson and then three daughters of my own, but I still call them family. The aim for me is I’m trying to become a minister. That’s why I need to try and change my ways, to do away with things of the world; drinking, smoking, the social party stuff. But also try to make a difference in life by starting by myself, looking at the man in the mirror, and then trying to reach out to people to come to Jesus.

It’s just the social scene, it’s the party drinking and all that kind of stuff that’s kind of led me to change my life, and I was looking at my kids. I mean, I can’t be partying all the time. I need to try and make a change and try to be a good example for them, but also there’s a lot of struggle in the world today and I see in New Zealand. I’ve been all over the place. There’s the rich, there’s the poor and I feel for a lot of people, but the main thing at the moment is if they have God in their life then you’re a millionaire and you’ll have everlasting life.”

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