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“First of all my mum, and she gave me the life that I came to this world. Second of all, is my wife because I’m married to her and she gave birth to my son, who gave me a lot of meaning to my life now. Also, my grandma, most of the time she raised me because my mum was working, she has been away from me for a long time, and she pretty much she raised me up. So these are the three women that influence me a lot in my life.

I came to New Zealand when I was 22, and I grew up in China. My mum’s been here for ages, and then she applied for my permanent residence. And because of that I came to New Zealand in 2004. It’s my family. I think it’s nothing is more important than the families. Without family I’m nothing. Yeah, I feel my life is meaningless. So my family is very important than me.

Recently I saw some on YouTube, they’re doing the Me Too campaign. I don’t know whether you heard of it in America, because it’s quite a big issue. Ah, so women being sexually harassed they’re doing the Me Too campaigns. I think women should voice up to say no for those issues.

Before my son was delivered to this world I didn’t think much of my life, and my future, and the responsibility of the family. But after my child has come to the world, I do think a lot of things, and the role of being a good father or the role of being a good husband, or the big responsibility of how to take care of the family. So, yeah he, my son makes me think a lot about this, and I think sometimes he can teach me too.”

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