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“One thing I could change; my perception, probably. Just getting new insights, trying to see from different people’s perspectives on societies problems. To get out of old habits as well as to develop myself, grow as a person and just to see what happens really. So I could have some experience with me when I’m older.

I grew up here in Māngere Bridge for most of my life. I like to go out of Auckland most of the time, try and travel. For me family is a huge part of my family, it’s a cultural thing as well, and tradition, especially in the Polynesian tradition. Family is a huge part, and for me family it’s something I hold close to my heart and close to myself, and to the people around me.

I think family is a big part. I think it should be a big part in everyone’s life. For me personally family is a huge part, it means a lot to me. Especially from past incidents with my family. I think that as you grow up you should always hold family close to your heart. For my family we like to go and travel, get out of Auckland, to spend time with ourselves and with each other. Ideally to grow, make our relationships stronger and grow within our relationships as well.

I feel like change is a big part of our growth, and people’s growth, especially when new things are coming in every day. I feel like we should be able to change and be adaptable as a person. I think that if we can be able to do that then I think we can make the place a bit more happy.

I think it’s really important, you should be able to see from other people’s perspective and not be stubborn, it helps a lot as well with situations. Mostly I think it’s good to have an insight of how other people see things and how you see things as well. It just makes it easier for people to move on and for people to work together. For me that’s how and why I think we should be able to see from different perspectives.”

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