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When I, yeah when I get upset really, I do get kind of angry. Well I, I can recall some of it.

Actually, when I have a bad day or something doesn’t come out right, then I do get kind of stormy, and pretty angry, so I take out my anger, my anger pretty easily. Yeah sometimes you cannot control it, but yeah it happens to anyone really.

I do take a big, a deep breath, and just like reflect on the things that you’ve done wrong and stuff. So, and you just like, take a moment, and just like, think and just like think of yourself, what have I done wrong, what things can I improve, how can I be a better person, and yeah just learn from your mistakes as well.

I think it should like, there should be programs that focus on, focus on anger management. That you have that get the people informed on how to deal with your anger, how to improve it. Yeah there’s so many things that you, how to be a better person, how to control your, your attitude as well. So, it’s all about so many things that you get angry now; yeah that’s a big world out there, so yeah. That’s all I have to say.

Well my values are family, and what I was going to say; I grew up in Auckland, since the age of 11. I’m originally from Peru. Came to New Zealand with my mum and my siblings. So, now New Zealand is home to me. Family, just be yourself. Yeah you have to appreciate the good things in life, even if it is a tiny bit, yeah. I’m actually an artist. I draw and paint. Yeah that’s all I do for now, and I do volunteering work.”

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