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I have an elderly neighbour we keep an eye on, and I take meals over to him.

Yeah so help out all I can. He’s on his own, and I know he can cook for himself, but it’s nice sometimes just to help someone else out. I just enjoy doing it. You get the pleasure yourself.

Well it’s giving of yourself, isn’t it; being unselfish. There’s always someone out there worse off than yourself. I’ve never, I’m very lucky, I’ve never had to go without. Good husband and he’s provided. Been through a bad illness, and he’s come out alright.

Terrible things happening in the world, and it’s just so important to think about the right things in life.

I come from a large family down there; six girls. Grew up on the golf course. My dad was the green-keeper, so I know all the, the famous golfers. Moved up here, got married up here and had my children. They’re all grown up now with their own families.

So, I’m off to see a sister-in-law now. She’s home in bed with the flu, so I better not stay too long.”

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